What We Do


  • The Childpathing® System – ages 4 to 7
  • Gifted Screenings


  • Psychological Assessments
  • Psychoeducational Assessments
  • Psychovocational Assessments

Dr Cooper practices Education Remediation with her students.

Once an accurate diagnosis has been determined, Dr. Chesnie Cooper and her associates teach the underlying processing skills required to allow the individual to become an effective learner. Specific Learning Disorders may be effectively addressed and remediated.

Remedial Interventions

  • Includes individuals from age 4 and up
  • Focus on neurocognitive teaching through the development of underlying processing deficits involving difficulty with reading, comprehension, math, organization, writing, spelling, memory
  • Underlying processing deficits including but not limited to auditory processing deficits, visual / spatial processing deficits, visual / motor deficits, executive functioning deficits, etc.
  • Development of strategies for research and thesis, book reviews, study skills, etc.
  • In addition to our own materials, we utilize a broad spectrum of other published materials
  • Rehabilitation at a metacognitive level for stroke/ischemic brain trauma – reading, writing, speaking, etc.

Psychotherapy – family, individual

  • Therapy focussed on helping the individual and family understand the implications of all the ramifications and interactions affected by learning difficulties
  • Parenting and marital therapy
  • Combination psychotherapy / remedial therapy with adults
  • Specific involvement with schools, workplaces, etc.

Liaise With Schools and Other Professionals

  • Includes working as a team with the family, the schools and other professionals involved with a focus on each doing and providing information to help the student achieve success
  • Liaise with medical professionals involved with stroke / brain trauma patients in order to derive continuity of progress between cognitive rehabilitation and medical intervention